European travel

European travel is the most enjoyable of all my excursions. Where possible, I always take the train. Unlike air travel, you travel directly from city centre to city centre. You can travel overnight and your journey involves lower carbon emissions. European travel by train avoids car rental, flight duties, baggage reclaim waits, lost baggage surprises, and two hour check-ins. Apparently, trains produce only one-tenth of the carbon emissions of an aeroplane. There are more frequent services for European travel by train and they are more reliable, with a wider choice of destinations. You are never confined to your seat, and there’s more space to stretch out whilst viewing the passing scenery.

Cash withdrawal whilst on European travel is most convenient with debit cards and ATM cards. It’s better to use this cash for purchases, rather than your credit card. The credit card exchange rate will only be known when you get home and could be a disappointing surprise, after you’ve finished your European travel. The majority of the countries use the euro as their currency, with Croatia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK being amongst those who don’t. Many of the ATMs display instructions for use in the English language.

European travel is best enjoyed when you pack lightly. Restrict yourself to a single bag conforming to the carry-on dimensions 22" (56cm) x 14" (36cm) x 9" (23cm) for planes. This would mean that, with air travel, no checked-in luggage is involved.
There would be no checked-in luggage fees and quicker exits from airports. Smaller bottles of toiletries are security friendly and mesh bags help divide the garments needed for the European travel vacation. Take the minimum clothing and buy anything extra needed during the vacation. Many layers of clothing are better than one single heavy and bulky item for European travel.

If you pack your bag only two-thirds full then there’ll be space for European travel souvenirs. Additionally, the spare space can accommodate snacks and drinks to be consumed on the go. The voltage is 220 volts and the electrical sockets for your European travel destinations take plugs with small round pins. If your hotel room only has one socket then, for just a couple of euros from your local supermarket, you can buy a triple outlet socket to charge your camera, video recorder, smartphone, eBook reader or tablet PC. All of your European travel information can be stored on these devices to avoid carrying lots of paper.

It is very unlikely that, during European travel, you’ll be involved in violent crime. However, as in most cities of the world nowadays, pick-pocketing is widespread. It’s best to keep away from unusual scenes attracting crowds and confusion. They’re ideal hunting grounds for thieves. Wear a money belt underneath your trousers. It should house all your European travel documents and valuables. If you hire a car then it’s a good idea to leave a local newspaper on the rear parcel shelf. Additionally, empty the car at night and leave the glove box open to deter potential thieves.

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