Beginner blogger blogging tips

Here are some beginner blogger blogging tips if you want to practice the art. I say, “Art” because your good blog post can whip up rage, cause joy, and angst. It is flanked by newspaper columns and talk radio. We currently experience a shift from static pages to dynamic offerings. Your beginner blogger blogging tips are written within this context of interactive content. This clearly separates present day posts from those of a decade ago. Originally, blogs were online logs of chronological events - like a diary or software revision history. It has since evolved into something far more extensive.

Your first beginner blogger blogging tip is to know your reader. Some of the best bloggers you’ve heard of even use a picture in their mind. Who are you writing to? Who is your reader? Do you know their age, gender, location, and likes. If you know these details then you can pretend you write to this person. It’s the most important beginner blogger blogging tip to know who your reader is. You can then adapt your post style for this person. You’ll need to assume their reading age and attention span, as it affects sentence lengths and syllable counts.

Your next beginner blogger blogging tip is to illustrate your post. People like pictures and your reader will stay with your 500 words more easily if you include snaps. You should choose photographs or drawings that complement the text of your post. As a minimum, always include one illustration. Another beginner blogger blogging tip is associated with the first – know your reader.

By identifying your audience, you know their interests. You will write posts appealing to the interests of your reader. As you are only communicating to people with internet connections, this eliminates 30% of the population of many countries.

In this beginner blogger blogging tip, I ask you to consider the differences between a printed book or magazine and blog. Your blog reader uses an LCD screen, compared to the printed material of paperbacks and periodicals. The low resolution of LCD screens, compared to printed paper, causes your reader to view the material differently. In this beginner blogger blogging tip, you must understand that your reader may study his or her monthly magazine from cover to cover. However, the mechanism for reading your blog is very different. Be aware that your reader will scan first, and then read in detail.
My final beginner blogger blogging tip is to make your blog reciprocative. Your blog should be different to an encyclopaedia, newspaper or magazine. If it isn’t, then why would more than a handful of people bother to read it? You need to engage your readers through being interactive. This beginner blogger blogging tip encourages your readers to make remarks on you blog posts. You do this by allowing comments and inviting remarks in the last sentence of your post like, “Do you have any blogging tips for the beginner blogger? If you have, we’d love to hear from you.

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