Blogging for profit

Many individuals view blogging for profit as a dream. It can become a reality if you live in a developing nation. In Africa and India, your blogging income from affiliate marketing can be a meaningful proportion of the average national wage. It’s unlike Europe and North America, where blogging income from affiliate marketing nowadays only pays for the monthly cost of the web hosting package. So, if you are hoping on blogging for profit then you must live in Congo, India or Zimbabwe. If you live in Germany, Japan or the USA then you won’t make anything from affiliate marketing.
In your struggle of blogging for profit, you have to keep two things in mind with regards to your readership and marketing your blog. You need to constantly think about these two factors to avoid becoming just another individual in the 99% of bloggers who fail at blogging for profit. Firstly, your readership will take around three years to reach reasonable levels if you contribute regular posts to your blog of, say, three quality posts every week for three years. Most bloggers do it for just three months then give up. You also need to market you blog to succeed.

You need lots and lots of readers if you are to thrive at blogging for profit. The rates that you get as an affiliate marketer increase as your readership increases. This is why it is important to market your blog to get higher paying advertisements on your blog. But how much time should you spend in marketing your site when blogging for profit?

It is good for your blog to spend lots of your time writing posts. Constant updates to your site are excellent for your search engine and blog directory rankings. They encourage your readers to regularly visit you.

Marketing is essential in your quest in blogging for profit. Regular posting only works if you have readers. Consequently, you need to allocate a proportion of your time to blog marketing, as opposed to blog postings. High traffic to your site is essential when you are blogging for profit. You will already have set-up a feedburner account and Google sitemap. Additionally, you’ll need to engage in link building with other authoritative blogs and sites dealing with similar products or services discussed in your blog. Forums are also a great place to publicise your blog, but don’t make simple spam comments.

So, as mentioned before, blogging for profit is achieved by less than 1% of the community of bloggers. You need to consistently publish three unique, quality posts per week. If you do this then, after around three years, your readership should be high enough for you to be blogging for profit. It’s good to create an editorial calendar at the start of the year. Write the titles of the 160 posts for the complete year into your editorial calendar. If you regard the 160 posts as your goal then it’s good to give yourself every, say, 20 posts a reward.

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