Live blogging breaking news

Have you considered live blogging breaking news? It’s a basic component of news and sport broadcasting. Your messages would usually be text based, regularly updated, and time-stamped. Your immediate presence might promote activity and excitement. This form of reporting events, as they happen, would make your blog more current than a newspaper. Live blogging breaking news is even more cutting edge than television. Because of this, news television channels and news web sites often incorporate feeds from bloggers. Your news and sports items wouldn’t be subject to the same delaying scrutiny, before publication, as those in regular newspapers and television.

The live blogging breaking news of the tsunami triggered by the earthquake in Japan during March 2011 is a prominent example of an event later appearing in other established forms of media. Dozens of Japanese people personally experiencing the earthquake and tsunami immediately posted messages, pictures and videos on the internet. Throughout the world, news television channels used the live blogging breaking news to illustrate their own reports. I hope that you will never personally experience an earthquake or tsunami, but are there other (less dramatic) events that happen in your neighbourhood like; heavy snow, flooding, dry rivers, or ice.

You could even use a specialist web site to promote your live blogging breaking news. Web sites especially exist to distribute event news, as it happens. These sites often attract millions of visitors per event.

Your challenge would be to keep visitors stuck to your web page as you report your live blogging breaking news. Your own commentary on an event (supplemented with photos, videos, and twitter feeds) could include reader interaction in the form of poll voting, quizzes, and discussion boxes. Sports coverage is a popular choice for you, as live blogging breaking news replicates sports fans’ banter.

As you would be the author of your live blogging breaking news, your reporting will be in a very personal style. There’ll be no additional revision by a reporter or editor. This would give your blog a feeling of immediacy and urgency: even to people thousands of miles away. You could be part of a reporting revolution taking place with your live blogging breaking news. The era that you now live in is a time of great change in the news industry. People, like you, are reporting events as they happen in a very personal style, without big media intervention.

Nowadays, live blogging breaking news reports are the best read articles on news web sites. You’ll need to decide which platforms you’ll be using, together with your choice of still or streaming media. Some events are ticket only, with no television crew. These are ideal for your live blogging breaking news reports. Your report could be the only way of communicating what’s happening at the event. You could chose this as being just one of your projects. it would then be good to do some publicity, before the event, in the form of a post before things start to get busy.

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