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Did you ever wonder how you can make money blogging? Whist 99% of money-making bloggers have to be happy with an income of less than $10 per year nowadays, there are some whose income is the average national wage through blogging. How do they do it? Well, you would have to live in either China, India or Nigeria to make money blogging. That’s because the average national daily wage in these countries is less than 15% of the salaries in Europe, Japan and the USA. A blogging income of up to $10 per day is achieved by very few money-making bloggers.
So, if you’re in Africa or Asia and want to make money blogging then how can you do it? By far, the commonest monetisation method for bloggers is through affiliate marketing. This is where a you promote a product or service for another individual or company. In the most commonly used programs to make money blogging, like AdSense, you will have no idea whose advertisements will appear on your blog pages. A business rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by your affiliate marketing efforts. Affiliates are paid a few centimes every time an advert is clicked upon.

It was different 4 years ago, if any blogger wanted to make money blogging. In 2007, there were fewer bloggers and more people used Google Adwords, boosting expenditure on affiliate marketing.

Now, in 2011, there are many more bloggers from developing nations and Adwords expenditure has tumbled. Consequently, greater competition (in the supply of more blogs) and lower demand (with less money spent on Adwords) makes it impossible to make money blogging if you live outside of Africa or Asia. The situation will improve for professional bloggers next year, as Google improves the quality of it’s network of affiliate marketers.

The other way for you to make money blogging, without using a broker like Google AdSense, is to promote vacant advertising spaces on your blog. Typically, you would show four squares on your page where advertisers can promote their products or services. Individual advertisers will allow you to make money blogging if your blog site attracts more than 10,000 unique visitors per month. They won’t be interested in your site if you have fewer unique visitors than this number. You have a choice in how you attract individual advertisers. You may use a broker or deal directly with an advertiser.

When you consider the best way to make money blogging, remember that Google Adsense, although easy to operate, will only typically pay you centimes per click, especially if the number of unique visitors to your blog is less than (say) 10,000 per month. Adwords advertisers don’t pay much for low volume sites. In order to better make money blogging, especially whilst your readership is low and Google Adwords users are fewer, direct advertiser deals are stongly advised. Have you though about approaching your local realtors, pharmacies, and retailers? They can be excellent sources of advertising revenue for your blog site.

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