LinkedIn profile sections

Students are a particular category of people who use LinkedIn. They have no or little work experience to show on their profiles. However, if you’re a student then LinkedIn allows you to display a wide variety of accomplishments using 10 additional sections within your LinkedIn profile. These sections can be updated in real time, as more activities are completed. This differentiates your LinkedIn profile from the more static nature of your Resume or CV. The idea is that your updates to these sections will be informative to your colleagues and recruiters.

These 10 additional sections are:

Certifications          Patents
Courses                 Projects
Honours and Awards      Publications
Languages               Test Scores
Organisations           Volunteer Experience & Causes

It’s easy to add new sections to your profile. You go to your LinkedIn profile page in edit mode and click the blue “Add sections” bar under your profile summary. Glance through the available 10 sections and select one to add to your profile. Don’t forget, when editing a section, to include the details and examples of your contributions, and how the experience added to your skills and abilities. The new section appears on your profile. You can adjust your profile settings to manage who can see these sections. You can reshuffle your profile sections to highlight your strongest achievements. By clicking on the section header, you can drag and drop it to the best place on the page.

Projects allows you to describe projects that you worked on as an employee, student, or volunteer. For each project, you can enter the project name, your occupation, team member names, a project URL, project timeframe, and description. If you’re a student then participating in projects shows that you can apply classroom education to real-world challenges and successfully work in a team.
You can add convincing research or group projects to your profile – particularly those that show know-how relevant to your professional objectives.

Honours and Awards is rather different to the other sections of your profile. In the other sections you give a subjective characterization of your abilities. The “Honours and Awards” section, however, is an objective confirmation of your achievements. Your scholarships and college year prizes belong in this section.
Organisations is the section where you can describe your involvement in societies outside of your studies. These organisations can involve anything from debating and outdoor pursuits to religion and trekking. Leadership abilities, and making a positive impact within an organization, are talents widely sought by employers and recruiters.

Test Scores that are good are seen by employers as demonstrating fine problem solving skills. So, if you have excellent test score results then this section should be included in your profile.

Courses is the section that give you the opportunity of summarizing your school, college or university course information relevant to jobs that you’re looking for. Also, you can include external courses that show your dedication to expanding your educational horizons.

Don’t forget that these sections aren’t just for students. Non-profit or volunteer work is important to some prospective employers.

LinkedIn profile applications

Your LinkedIn profile can contain 15 modules, from 16 applications and 10 sections. Additionally, your home page limit is 12 modules. LinkedIn is the No. 1 social networking site for business professionals and these third-party applications enhance your profile. The 16 applications, visible in your profile view, are only seen by other LinkedIn members. They are not visible in the public view, for everyone on the internet. Be cautious, as your public profile could be curtailed if you are relying too much on presenting enriched profile information from the 16 applications only active in the view for LinkedIn members only.

You can see a full list and description of the 16 LinkedIn apps from the application directory page of the site. From this page, you’re able to add, remove and control where applications appear. There are application preview pages providing information as to how and why you may apply an application. The 16 applications are:

Blog Link                  My Travel Files              Polls
E-Bookshelf                Portfolio Display
Events                     Projects and Teamspaces
GitHub                     Reading List by Amazon
Google Presentations       Real Estate Pro
Lawyer Ratings             SlideShare Presentations
Legal Updates              WordPress

Three popular LinkedIn applications are Blog Link, Reading List by Amazon, and SlideShare Presentations.

With the Blog Link application, you can get the most out of your LinkedIn relationships by connecting your blog to your LinkedIn profile. Blog Link helps you, and your professional network to stay connected. The application is powered by TypePad and is developed by SixApart. With Blog Link, you can promote your blog and develop your personal brand. Blogs are the best way to grow your personal brand and the LinkedIn networking site can be used for sharing your thoughts contained within a blog. Blog Link supports TypePad, Movable Type, Vox,,, Blogger, LiveJournal, and many more blogging platforms.
The Reading List by Amazon application lets you extend your professional profile by sharing the books you’re reading with other LinkedIn members. You can find out; what other people in your industry are reading, and what you should be reading by following updates from your connections, people in your field, or other LinkedIn members of professional interest to you. Start by adding books you’re planning to read, reading now and have read already to the list using Amazon’s search tool. You can then discover a world of books that your peers in your industry and in your network are reading.

The SlideShare Presentations application, by SlideShare Inc is one of the ways to share presentations on LinkedIn. You can upload and display your own presentations, check out presentations from your colleagues, and find experts within your network. You can share presentations, documents, portfolios upto 20MB with your LinkedIn network. For an additional fee of $19/month to SlideShare, you can upload larger files upto 300 MB and 10 videos/month. If you have a account, you can import your existing presentations into LinkedIn. If you don’t have one, signup from LinkedIn to share your presentations worldwide and get more views/traffic.

Job search on LinkedIn

I’ve managed many virtual teams in the oil & gas business over the years. In this type of working environment, there are no barriers created by distance or time zones. LinkedIn also allows you to network with contacts without regard to time or geography. You are no longer restricted to networking with contacts in the same city. As with the virtual teams of the projects you work on, you can now network with contacts around the globe. Interestingly, a new phenomenon has spawned from online networking. It is offline real person-to-person business networking at newly formed clubs cultivated from the internet.

LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network around today. It takes you to the whole of global work life and now makes it mandatory for all serious experts to be listed on LinkedIn. The database isn’t just for employees who are happy in their current job and it equally serves those who are seeking a new job. LinkedIn allows you to connect with tens of millions of professionals who all share the network and their knowledge in the Group discussions and Answers section.
Hundreds of technical, commercial, social, economic, and financial questions are answered each day on the LinkedIn website. The Jobs section of the LinkedIn website has four tabs; Jobs Home, Saved Jobs, Saved Searches, and Advanced Search. The Jobs Home tab allows you to enter job the search criteria of keywords, job title, company, location, country, post code and search radius. The Advanced Search tab includes all the criteria of the Jobs Home tab, with the addition of five other filters. The Functions option allows you to refine your job selection to accounting, auditing, administrative, advertising … through to supply chain, training, and writing/editing. Experience, Industries, Date Posted and Salary (for an additional monthly fee) options also exist.

Co-founder Reid Hoffman’s living room is LinkedIn’s 2002 birthplace and today’s CEO is Jeff Weiner. Two new members now sign up to join LinkedIn every second. The LinkedIn website makes its money from the subscitions charged for premium services, onsite advertising, and hiring solutions. LinkedIn has over 135 million members in more than 200 countries and is the world’s largest professional network. The company estimates that 4 billion people searches were carried out last year on their website. LinkedIn is currently available in fourteen languages: English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Malay, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Executives from all of the Fortune 500 companies are members of LinkedIn. And company pages have ben created by more than 2 million companies. The LinkedIn Hiring Solutions service is used by 75% of the Fortune 100 companies. There are now more than one million LinkedIn Groups ranging from the Architectural Association Alumni to the System z Advocates. It is also possible to apply for advertised vacancies on LinkedIn and hundreds of thousands of job applications have been submitted using Apply with LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn currently receives more than half of its total income from it Hiring Solutions revenue stream.